Who We Serve

Kids, Teens,and Adults!

We often work with trauma, depression, anxiety, ADHD, fits/tantrums, defiance, parenting issues, grief and loss, life transitions, risk-taking behaviors, and more. 

Kids and Adolescents

We provide play therapy, individual counseling, EMDR, Neurofeedback services, and NMT assessments.

Kids and adolescents! We love our kids and we strive to create an environment young people want to go to. We want to have space for play and somewhere comfortable to sit and talk over coffee or hot chocolate. With the younger kids, we’re often playing catch outside, or making crafts in the office. Maybe we’re dancing to their favorite song or watching their favorite YouTube channel. We spend time getting to know our kids because until they feel safe and well liked, they won’t share much or be receptive to the skills we need to work on. Every kid is going to go at their own pace and we want them to be in the driver’s seat.

Read more about what this process looks like here.


We offer counseling, EMDR, and neurofeedback to adults.

We often work with chronic depression and/or anxiety, chronic worry, difficulty in relationships, adult ADHD, trauma, OCD, post-concussive symptoms, addiction, and attachment issues. Sometimes symptoms come from difficult phases of life and sometimes they come from a life-time of challenges. We can work through both.

Read more about what this process looks like here.