Major Depressive Disorder is the leading cause of disability in those ages 15-44. Depression can be paralyzing, preventing you from your normal life and relationships. Depression effects young children, teens, adults, and seniors and the rates continue to get worse. Many find themselves taking psychotropic drugs or putting their children on psychotropic drugs. Suicide is the leading cause of death in teens in Colorado. Depression is both painful and powerful. There are several different options for addressing depression. We offer various approaches to talk therapy, EMDR, and Neurofeedback. You have options and you don’t need to feel stuck.

Signs of depression:

  • Loss of interest in activities and relationships that were once enjoyable.
  • Withdrawal and isolation.
  • Eating more or less than normal
  • Sleeping more or less than normal
  • Craving sugar, high fat, or high carb foods
  • Moodiness and irritability
  • Difficulty moving on from a loss or traumatic event
  • Low stress tolerance
  • Self-harm
  • When someone asks, “What’s wrong” and they just don’t know, but they know they don’t feel okay.