Family Pods

Come together with your family members for a 6 week workshop on learning and practicing recognizing, communicating, and regulating emotions. This is not family therapy but an opportunity for you and your family to develop the skills and knowledge to help you create a family culture that feels good to everyone. Find more details here.

Individual Counseling

Through individual counseling we provide a space for clients to talk about what’s going on in their life. We’ll give space for people to just let it out and we’ll talk about how to get out of that place when they’re ready. We can work on coping skills, social skills, process trauma, navigate difficult family dynamics, grieve losses, and over come fears. Read more about the process here.


We offer two different types of assessments: a qualitative electroencephalography (qEEG) and the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics metric. A qEEG is the first step in neurofeedback, it gives us a picture of the electrical activity going on in the brain. the NMT metric assesses the impact of developmental trauma. Check out more here.


While medications take a chemical approach, neurofeedback takes an electrical approach. There’s research that correlates dysfunctional electrical patterns and mental health symptoms. I often ask people if they can remember the last time they didn’t feel this way. If they can’t remember because it’s been so long, we might consider neurofeedback. We’ll also look at neurofeedback if there’s been developmental trauma, concussions, an ADHD diagnosis, or they’re simply feeling stuck with talk therapy. Read on here.

Functional Nutrition

Our mental health and well-being is complex and requires addressing many parts to the puzzle. The gut is often referred to “the second brain”. We also refer “rest and digest” when our brain and body is in a state of calm, which means people who are not in a state of calm (trauma or a chronic state of anxiety) often have digestive issues. Did you know 70-90% of serotonin in produced in the gut? Or that the Vagus nerve is responsible for “rest and digest”? The gut and the brain simply go together. Read more about nutrition serves here.