Family Pods

Could your family use some extra support right now? 

Families have had to undergo a lot of transition lately and it can be super overwhelming. 

That is why we want to come alongside you and support you and your family during this stressful time! To do so we have created 

“Permission to Feel-Family Pods”

What is it?

Six sessions where, as a family, you will learn how to effectively recognize, communicate, and regulate emotions. The material covered in the sessions will be loosely based on Mark Bracket’s work and his book “Permission to Feel.” 

What it is not:

Therapy. While sessions will be therapist led, it is not family therapy. Instead sessions will be run similarly to a psychoeducation group, however just with an individual family unit. 

Who is it for?

It is for families who have been feeling overwhelmed and could use some additional support during this time and do not want to engage in intensive family therapy at this time.

How long is it? 

Six Sessions

We recommend doing the six sessions either 

  1. Once a week for six weeks or
  2. Once every other week for 12 weeks

What does it cost?

We are excited to be able to offer $100 per family session. Each session is 1 hour. There is no limit on the number of immediate family members that participate. 

If you would like more information please contact Christina Cooley at


Is it in person or online?  Either, you and your family will have the choice of doing online video sessions or in person sessions at our office in Littleton. 

Will there be other families in our group? No, each session will only consist of a single family unit. 

What will the sessions be like?  The first half of the session will consist of helpful psychoeducation and the second half of each session will focus on applying the skills in a supportive environment. 

What will I learn? Throughout the sessions you will be focusing on recognizing and labeling emotions, effectively communicating emotions with other family members, and regulating emotions in a healthy and helpful manner. The sessions are loosely based on the elements laid out in Mark Brackett’s book, Permission to Feel. The sessions will also include communication and regulation techniques. 

Do I have to do all six sessions? The program was carefully designed to take place over the course of six sessions to allow adequate time to learn and practice the skills. That being said, you will not be required to take part in all six sessions.