Four Questions to Ask Yourself

Although it is easy to theoretically rationalize why self-reflection may be an important and useful practice, it is often much more difficult to actually do it. The excuses come fast, as it is not easy to carve out time from our already busy schedules.

Although this is true, I want to make an argument for why self-reflection is important. When we take the time to actually think about and reflect on our lives, we live more intentionally, work toward our goals, and have a greater sense of purpose. Frequent self-reflection also allows us to catch ourselves before we go too far down a path we don’t actually want to take.

A little bit of time spent in self-reflection now can save a lot of time and heartache in the long run.

To aid you with the practice of self-reflection, here are 4 questions to sit with, ponder, and write about:

  1. What are my values?
  2. Am I living in congruence with my values?
  3. How do I spend my time? Is this how I want to spend my time?
  4. How do I define success at this stage of my life?

There are many different ways to engage these questions, however the general purpose is to get you thinking about what is really important to you and to evaluate if your time and energy is going to that which is most important.

If so, great, keep going.

If not, let this be an invitation to think about how you might better spend your time and resources to better live in alignment with that which is most important to you.

**The information contained herein is not therapeutic advice nor a substitute for therapy. It should not be used to diagnose or treat any mental health problem. If you are located within the United States and you need emergency assistance please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. If you are located within Colorado you may also call the Colorado Crisis Line at 844-493-TALK (8255).

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